Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sweet Baby for My Etsy Shop

 I am completely smitten with this sweet doll!  She is 18.5 inches with a thin, baby-style body.  I just listed her in my Etsy shop.
 It took me a looooong time to design and perfect her clothes, but I think they turned out so cute!  Her footed pants are cotton knit, her long-sleeve tee is embroidered, and she wears a pinafore over it.  Everything can be mixed and matched to suit the season and weather.

 I weighted her lightly to give her a nice feeling of "heft."  Her bent arms and legs make her lovely to hold.

 I have been working on designing a new baby body pattern, and I am very happy with the result!  I made a few small changed after I finished this doll and am excited to try it out again :)

I hope this doll finds a forever mama to love her soon, but I will be very sad to say goodby to her!

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